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During the Spring of 1967, David played over twenty gigs throughout the UK with a group named The Riot Squad. The band were known for their flamboyant use of face paint and theatrical stage show. The live dates that featured David started on 17th March until 2nd May.

The band consisted of six members - David Bowie (Lead Vocalist, Mouth Harp, Guitar); Rod Davies (Guitar); Brian 'Croke' Prebble (Vocals, Bass); Bob Evans (Tenor Saxophone, Vocals, Flute); George 'Butch' Davis (Keyboards) and Derek 'Del' Roll (Drums).





*19th Nov: A benefit 'Stage Ball' in aid of the Guild and British Heart Foundation. David performs a ten-minute spot accompanied by The Bill Saville Orchestra.

PIERROT IN TURQUOISE featuring Lindsay Kemp as 'Pierrot', Jack Birkett as 'Harlequin', David Bowie as 'Cloud', Annie Slater as 'Columbine' and Michael Garrett as the piano player.

David performs five songs: 'When I Live My Dream'; 'Sell Me A Coat'; 'Threepenny Pierrot'; 'Columbine' and 'The Mirror'. Devised and directed  by Lindsay Kemp. Assisted by: Craig San Roque. Decor and Costumes by: Natasha Kornilof. Fabrics donated by: Sir Nicholas Seekers. Musical Arrangements and Original Compositions by: Gordon Rose. Songs compose by: David Bowie. Stage Director: Craig San Roque. 


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