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PIERROT IN TURQUOISE featuring Lindsay Kemp as 'Pierrot', Jack Birkett as 'Harlequin', David Bowie as 'Cloud', Annie Slater as 'Columbine' and Michael Garrett as the piano player.

David performs five songs: 'When I Live My Dream'; 'Sell Me A Coat'; 'Threepenny Pierrot'; 'Columbine' and 'The Mirror'. Devised and directed  by Lindsay Kemp. Assisted by: Craig San Roque. Decor and Costumes by: Natasha Kornilof. Fabrics donated by: Sir Nicholas Seekers. Musical Arrangements and Original Compositions by: Gordon Rose. Songs compose by: David Bowie. Stage Director: Craig San Roque. 




*19th May: David performs 'Jetsun And The Eagle', a twenty-minute mime set to the soundtrack 'Silly Boy Blue'. The performance was part of a charity event for Gandalf's Garden Benefit. Advertised as 'David Bowie In Mime', he was one of 15 other artists playing at the event, which started at 3.30pm until 11.00pm.



TURQUOISE were​ a mixed media trio who consisted of: David Bowie (Vocals, Mime); Hermione Farthingale (Vocals, Mime) and Tony Hill (Acoustic Guitar, Vocals) from the group The Misunderstood. David had placed an ad in the International Times in June. It stated 'David Bowie needs acoustic guitarist singing/speaking for exciting project, must be alive'. The name Turquoise lasted for only a small number of appearances before Tony Hill's final performance. Tony left to join High Tide - a group that David was later to support. His replacement was ex-Buzz member John Hutchinson. Shortly after the name was changed to FEATHERS.



David​ appeared at the Time Out/Free Bank Benefit show at the Country Club in Haverstock Hill, Hampstead, London NW3. Also on the bill were: Third Ear Band, Doris Henderson, George Smith and Mike Vernon, Pegasus Blues, Mimi and Mouse, Simon Stable and Pete Drummond on Plastic Dream Machine and others.



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