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2003/2004 A REALITY TOUR


BowieNet members-only warm-up gig.



Tickets were by invitation via BowieNet for members only. A live satellite performance to be broadcast around the world on 8th, 9th and 15th September and later released on DVD.




*6th Dec: Postponed due to illness - rescheduled for Saturday May 29th 2004

*7th Dec: Postponed due to illness - rescheduled for Sunday May 16th 2004

*9th Dec: Postponed due to illness - rescheduled for Tuesday March 30th 2004

*10th Dec: Postponed due to illness - rescheduled for Monday March 29th 2004

*12th Dec: Postponed due to illness - rescheduled for Thursday April 1st 2004

*20th Dec: Promotional show for live broadcasting. Tickets were only available via promotional competitions etc. This was not billed as part of A Reality Tour.





*29th Mar: Rescheduled show - originally Wednesday 10th December 2003.

*30th Mar: Rescheduled show - originally Tuesday 9th December 2003.


*1st Apr: Rescheduled show - originally Friday 12th December 2003.


*3rd May: 2nd Annual Audi and Condé Nast 'Never Follow' Awards Show. Honourees: David Bowie, actor William H Macy, author Azar Nafisi and athlete Freddy Adu.

*6th May: Cancelled due to fatality - a stagehand died after a 50-foot fall as he tried to alter the lighting before David's arrival on stage.

*16th May: Rescheduled show - Originally Sunday 7th December 2003.

*29th May: Rescheduled show - originally Saturday 6th December 2003.


*25th June: Final show of A Reality Tour.

*26th June: Cancelled due to shoulder injury.

*16th May: Cancelled due to health problem.

*29th May: Cancelled due to health problem.

JULY: The remainder of the tour was cancelled due to a health problem.

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