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A Reality Tour

Disc One:

  1. Rebel Rebel [3.31]

  2. New Killer Star [4.59]

  3. Reality [5.09]

  4. Fame [4.13]

  5. Cactus [3.01]

  6. Sister Midnight [4.38]

  7. Afraid [3.28]

  8. All The Young Dudes [3.48]

  9. Be My Wife [3.16]

  10. The Loneliest Guy [3.59]

  11. The Man Who Sold The World [4.19]

  12. Fantastic Voyage [3.14]

  13. Hallo Spaceboy [5.28]

  14. Sunday [7.56]

  15. Under Pressure [4.18]

  16. Life On Mars? [4.40]

  17. Battle For Britain (The Letter) [4.55]

Disc Two:

  1. Ashes To Ashes [5.46]

  2. The Motel [5.44]

  3. Loving The Alien [5.18]

  4. Never Get Old [4.18]

  5. Changes [3.52]

  6. I'm Afraid Of Americans [5.17]

  7. "Heroes" [6.58]

  8. Bring Me The Disco King [7.57]

  9. Slip Away [5.56]

  10. Heathen (The Rays) [6.25]

  11. Five Years [4.20]

  12. Hang On To Yourself [2.51]

  13. Ziggy Stardust [3.45]

  14. Fall Dog Bombs The Moon [4.12]

  15. Breaking Glass [2.27]

  16. China Girl [4.18]

Download Only:

  • 5.15 The Angels Have Gone [5.22]

  • Days [3.25]

A Reality Tour


  • ISO/Sony 88697588272 - January 2010 (CD)

  • Friday Music FRM-88272 - June 2016 (LP)


  • David Bowie: Vocals, Guitar, Stylophone, Harmonica

  • Gerry Leonard: Guitar, Vocals

  • Earl Slick: Guitar

  • Gail Ann Dorsey: Bass, Vocals

  • Mike Garson: Keyboards

  • Sterling Campbell: Drums, Vocals

  • Catherine Russell: Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals, Percussion, Mandolin


  • The Point Depot, Dublin

Released more than five years after the DVD of the same name, the double live album of A Reality Tour consists of the same recordings that are heard in the film, captured over two nights in Dublin on November 22nd/23rd 2003. A little more of David's chit-chat between songs is retained here, and "Cactus" is thirty seconds longer than the edited version featured on the DVD. Billed as 'bonus tracks', the final three songs weren't included on the DVD at all, and rather oddly they're tacked onto the end of the second disc rather than incorporated in their correct places in the set list. The download version released a couple of weeks after the CD, added two further exclusives in the form of "5.15 The Angels Have Gone" and "Days". (For the benefit of perfectionists wishing to restore the original running order, "Days" was played after "All The Young Dudes", "China Girl" after "Be My Wife", "Fall Dog Bombs The Moon" after "Battle For Britain", and finally "Breaking Glass" and "5.15 The Angels Have Gone", in that order, after "Loving The Alien".) The three bonus tracks from the CD were also included on the triple vinyl edition released in 2016. Like the DVD, this is a fine record of two excellent shows from Bowie's last tour.

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