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Glass Spider

Disc One:

  1. Intro/Up The Hill Backwards [3.51]

  2. Glass Spider [5.19]

  3. Day-In Day-Out [5.09]

  4. Up The Hill Backwards [0.36]

  5. Bang Bang [3.57]

  6. Absolute Beginners [7.11]

  7. Loving The Alien [7.13]

  8. China Girl [4.54]

  9. Rebel Rebel [3.29]

  10. Fashion [5.03]

  11. Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps) [4.52]

  12. All The Madmen [5.38]

  13. Never Let Me Down [3.58]

Disc Two:

  1. Big Brother [4.48]

  2. '87 And Cry [4.07]

  3. "Heroes" [5.12]

  4. Sons Of The Silent Age [3.06]

  5. Time Will Crawl/Band Intro [5.23]

  6. Young Americans [5.05]

  7. Beat Of Your Drum [4.36]

  8. The Jean Genie [5.23]

  9. Let's Dance [4.59]

  10. Fame [7.01]

  11. Time [5.12]

  12. Blue Jean [3.23]

  13. Modern Love [4.34]

Glass Spider


  • EMI 094639100224 - June 2007


  • David Bowie: Vocals, Guitar

  • Peter Frampton: Guitar

  • Carlos Alomar: Guitar

  • Carmine Rojas: Bass

  • Alan Childs: Drums

  • Erdal Kizilcay: Keyboards, Trumpet, Congas, Violin

  • Richard Cottle: Keyboards, Saxophone

  • Melissa Hurley/Constance Marie/Viktor Manoei/Stephen Nichols/Craig Allen Rothwell aka "Spazz Attack": Dancers


  • Olympic Stadium, Montreal

EMI's 2007 reissue of the Glass Spider concert video was accompanied by a pleasing bonus in the form of this previously unreleased double CD of the tour. Recorded in Montreal on August 30th 1987, more than two months before David Mallet's video was shot in Sydney, it lacks the latter's encores of "I Wanna Be Your Dog" and "White Light/White Heat", but more than compensates with a fuller representation of the tour's playlist, boasting six numbers which aren't to be found on the video: as well as three additional selections from Never Let Me Down, there's an enticing trio of oldies in "Scary Monsters", "All The Madmen" and "Big Brother". Originally recorded for a radio broadcast, the Montreal concert offers a valuable memento of the Glass Spider show, but the audio is trebly and lacking in depth, and in technical terms, it doesn't really bear comparison with Bowie's other official live albums.


In 2008, a further double CD release called Glass Spider Live appeared in the Netherlands on the Immortal label (IMA104212), featuring not the Montreal recording but a straightforward audio copy of the Sydney video's soundtrack (and the original soundtrack at that, with Peter Frampton's guitar a great deal more audible than on the poorly mixed 2007 DVD). A vinyl version of this release appeared the following year; like the CD (and like the same label's unlicensed 2011 release of Bowie's fiftieth birthday concert), it was technically no more than a bootleg. Similarly unofficial was 2015's Day In Day Out (Laser Media LM160), a ropey CD release of a 1987 radio broadcast of one of the Sydney shows.

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