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Live Nassau Coliseum '76

Disc One:

  1. Station To Station [11.53]

  2. Suffragette City [3.31]

  3. Fame [3.59]

  4. Word On A Wing [6.05]

  5. Stay [7.25]

  6. Waiting For The Man [6.20]

  7. Queen Bitch [3.11]

Disc Two:

  1. Life On Mars? [2.13]

  2. Five Years [5.04]

  3. Panic In Detroit [6.02]

  4. Changes [4.11]

  5. TVC15 [4.58]

  6. Diamond Dogs [6.38]

  7. Rebel Rebel [4.06]

  8. The Jean Genie [7.26]

Download Only:

  • Panic In Detroit (Unedited Alternate Mix) [13.08]

Live Nassau Coliseum '76


  • EMI BOWSTSX2010 - September 2010 (3 CD Special Edition)

  • EMI BOWSTSD2010 - September 2010 (5 CD, 1 DVD, 3 LP Deluxe Edition)


  • David Bowie: Vocals, Saxophone

  • Stacey Heydon: Guitar

  • Carlos Alomar: Guitar

  • George Murray: Bass

  • Tony Kaye: Keyboards

  • Dennis Davis: Percussion


  • Nassau Coliseum, Uniondale, NY


  • Harry Maslin

Two live cuts from Bowie's Nassau Coliseum show of March 23rd 1976 were included on Ryko's 1991 re-release of Station To Station, and a third later appeared on 1995's RarestOneBowie, but it wasn't until 2010's lavish reissue of Station To Station that the legendary and much-bootlegged radio broadcast was given a full and official release, spread across two CDs and dubbed Live Nassau Coliseum '76.

Capturing Bowie and his terrific 1976 band on blistering form, Live Nassau Coliseum '76 was in most estimations the highlight of the 2010 reissue. Notwithstanding an unavoidable drop in audio quality during "Five Years" and "Life On Mars?" (two numbers which long ago went missing from the original multi-track recording), the clean-up job is excellent and the concert has never sounded better. The mix is new, diverging both from the original radio broadcast and from the previously released tracks: the placement of the instruments is different, and there's some selective fading down of the occasional off-key vocals which were left intact on the Ryko tracks. For the CD and vinyl formats, "Panic In Detroit" was heavily edited to remove Dennis Davis's epic drum solo, but a remixed version of the full thirteen-minute extravaganza was included on the download. Live Nassau Coliseum '76 is an excellent memento of one of Bowie's greatest tours, with highlights including a majestic "Word On A Wing", an uber-cool "Waiting For The Man", and riotous, thrilling renditions of "Stay" and "The Jean Genie".

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